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Signature Massage One Hour – $75

Enjoy our best massage as we help remove tension by targeting your body’s pressure points. Techniques such as Swedish massages, reflexology, and therapeutic movements are all used to allow the body to relax and relieve tension

Stress Relieving Treatment 25 minutes – $30

Head, neck and shoulders massage massage that releases tension to allow increased circulation and muscle movement. The soothing massage also releases tightness, allowing for a more relaxed self.

Deep Tissue Massage One Hour – $85

This massage applies pressure deep within your muscles to release built-up tension. Our applied techniques allow for muscles to relax thereby creating a great sensation that revives your body. Not recommended for sensitive people.

Aromatherapy Massage One Hour – $85

This massage combines many techniques such as Swedish and deep tissue to allow your muscles to relax.. Our pure essential oils are used to allow your body and mind to drift, as your muscles release tension

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